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Introducing Premium Funding Corporate

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Premium Funding Corporate has been designed to assist Brokers by offering a low cost funding solution to their corporate clients.

Our supporting brokers were screaming for a product they could offer to their larger corporate clients who were under attack from the banks going direct with low cost premium funding options. We’ve taken the necessary steps to assist these requests. We have the capital and capacity to fund these larger loans at reduced competitive rates. We wanted something that would stand out and give our brokers more flexibility in their price offering to their corporate clients.

We hope the product will combat the approach of direct banks in the corporate market as well as generate discussion about what value independent and innovative players can bring.

Premium Funding has been at the forefront of industry innovations, having been the first to market in Australia with signature free contracts, online scheme funding solutions, electronic settlement reconciliation, online customer acceptance, smartphone applications and a raft of other offerings.
Premium Funding Corporate is now just another tool that Brokers can use when assisting their clients.

The product is available to clients whose funding needs exceed $250,000.